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Every employer understands that hiring could be an expensive process if hiring errors are not limited during the hiring processes. That is the reason, we have developed a time-tested model that ensures only the best fits are hired for accounting position on our platform.

We have in our database, accounting professionals for all level of accounting positions, starting from the lowest level of accounting clerk to the highest level of Chief Financial Controller Our online application screening algorithm developed by our experienced professional accountants ensures that only qualified candidates that meet your specific descriptions are available to your search result.

Our direct hiring service allows direct access to our database using pre-defined search criteria which reduces the hiring turnaround time. The service is subscription-based.

We have designed different plans that meet Hirer recruitment processes:

Basic Plan: This is a monthly subscription plan (with Yearly Payment option) that allows hirer to pull twice (2) per week
Classic Plan: This monthly subscription plan (with yearly payment option) allows hirer to pull 5 times per week.


If you required our recommendation for a best-fit for a job description, complete the contact form and one of our professional hiring executive will contact you on how we can prepare a specialised report for your use at a reasonable price.


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